FireStop Contractor Scheme

FireStop Contractor scheme is designed to assess and maintain competency standards for all construction workers involved in the installation of passive fire protection.

We aim to achieve our assurance using the SSIP structure along with minimum competency standards reinforced by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The scheme contractors are proactively monitored during all construction planning stages by technically reviewing their proposed products and work methods.

Current Industry Issues

With the continued rise in the number of fire related incidents in high-rise and commercial construction across the UK, understanding the role that both passive and active fire protection should play in every new build and retro-fit has never been so important.

Not all contractors have the right knowledge and skillset to install passive fire protection products. Even if you have correctly specified the product, a poor installation will, at best, give limited results. At worst, it risks lives and a greater level of damage to the building.

There are various accreditation schemes in place for those seeking to install, but these schemes remain voluntary and their costs for inclusion are high. Due to this, it could be said that unqualified and unaccredited contractors today are installing passive fire protection products. Why? This can be for a number of reasons including the high costs of accreditation, lack of enforcement for voluntary schemes or an inability of the contractor to meet acceptance criteria.

Aside from this, the facts of the matter are a little simpler, a non-accredited contractor will endeavour to accept jobs with fire protection elements for fear of losing the whole contract, after all this is just business. For them they have no idea how much fire protection work they may come across from job to job, so to pay the high costs of accreditation for one or two smaller jobs isn’t cost effective.

On the other hand, many of the major construction clients are not willing to pay a representative amount for the works to be completed to a high standard. The value of the correct installation of passive fire products cannot be measured, but in a competitive market, prices are driven down which in turn devalues the importance.

The FireStop Contractor scheme is a cost effective way to demonstrate competence and receive a high level of technical support for the installation of passive fire protection products.

Scheme Benefits

  • Membership certification
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Full use of the ‘FireStop Contractor’ scheme logo
  • Technical support and assistance for product selection and application
  • Increased chances of being awarded contracts
  • Two unannounced inspections of worksite per year
  • Demonstration of your Health & Safety competence to clients

FireStop Contractor Scheme Requirements

  • All contractors must be involved in the one of the following Fire Protection activities
  • Applying intumescent coatings
  • Installing fire stopping products
  • Erecting fire resisting walls, linings or ceiling systems
  • Installing fire resisting timber doorsets
  • All contracting companies to meet Health and Safety requirements in line with SSIP structure
  • Contracting companies to submit ‘FireStop Project Plan’ prior to each new workscope
  • All contractor employees to maintain a minimum competency level in Passive Fire Protection, this competence will be supported by the CSCS skilled worker card.
  • Any employees not maintaining minimum competence must be enrolled on a suitable course and supervised for a maximum of 12 months. This can be supplied by our NVQ Training Centre

FireStop Contractor Scheme Application

Please see below stages of our certification process:

Initially complete our online application form and upload the required information.

The fee for applications is £150. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer from an invoice produced by our accounts team on application. Until this payment has been received, your application will not be submitted to for review.

We will then review your application and ensure requirements are met to progress the application for approval. We will contact your for any additional information required and plan to visit you at site.

Once this is complete we will approve your application or highlight any areas required to gain approval. We will then invite you to join the scheme by paying the annual membership fee, following this we will issue your certification.

Annual membership fees run from January to December each year and are structured as follows:

Number of Staff Annual Fee (Jan-Dec)
<10 Employees £750
10 – 25 Employees £825
25+ Employees £950
Please complete the form below to start you application
FireStop Contractor Scheme
FireStop Contractor Scheme

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